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There is no better way to create a stunning environment than with wood.  Natural solid wood; exquisitely groomed by nature then meticulously handcrafted by Barlow's Creative Doors.  We use only the highest quality products, from the selection of wood to the choice of glass and finish.

Besides the obvious importance of the aesthetic considerations of your door,  utility should be of equal importance to you.  After all, if you have the worlds most beautiful door and it does not perform due to poor construction you will not be happy with it.  With that in mind you can rest assured that we will be with you through the design process to make sure your door has lasting quality to attend its lasting beauty.

As we peruse door manufacture’s web sites and literature it is apparent  that there are many, so called, innovative techniques from “mortise and tenon” to “lag bolt” construction used throughout the industry which are more gimmick than substance.  Barlow’s creative doors has been building quality doors long enough to know what works and what does not.  Our method of door building affords us the versatility and flexibility to customize your door while maintaining the quality our reputation demands.

Wood doors have a beauty and character which can be achieved with no other construction material.  It also allows us to customize your design almost without limitation.  All you need to do is tell us what look you are seeking and then leave it to us to construct your doors so they will have the utility to perform for decades to come.

From the sketch below you can see that our doors are constructed with stick and cope construction and strengthened by the time honored method of doweling. The strength and durability of this type of door construction is without equal. Our panels float in their pockets to allow for the expansion and contraction which is an inherent  characteristic of wood.

Dowel Illistration

Our finish system is unparalleled in quality.  When your door is prefinished in our controlled finish environment you have the assurance that all edges and both faces are sealed to preserve the moisture content necessary to preserve the integrity of the door as well as the warranty.  Field finishing most frequently leaves the top and bottom of the door unsealed and vulnerable to air moisture which will be the death of a wood door. 

We always lay our doors down when they are sprayed and they also lay down until they are dry.  This allows us to apply a heavier coat of material without fear of runs or sags.  Also, the door edges and top and bottom are sprayed with each face of the door so all edges have double coats of  finish to assure durability in the area where the door is normally handled in daily use.  When we pre-finish your door the jamb and stop are finished separately.  The jamb is finished beneath the stop so field adjusting can be done without compromise to the aesthetics of your door.

There is nothing ordinary about the way we pre-hang our doors.  Our doors are pre-hung by hand to assure the quality our reputation demands.  The large pre-hang machines used by the production type door companies are designed for speed at the expense of quality.  We use a commercial grade hinge and solid jambs.  We have mortise lock prep capabilities and, of course, can accommodate most types of lock preps.

As you can see, we attend to detail here at Barlows and take into consideration the long term considerations of each door we build.  We cannot risk having our name on a door that would not live up to our reputation of quality and durability.

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